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Recently, we wrote about how you can get free music downloads and movie streaming from the Hernando County Public Library. Now we will look at another service you simply cannot afford to pass up. You can enroll in any of over 500 online continuing education courses through Universal Class. These courses are non-credit courses so they cannot be used for university transfer or professional licensing. However, they can be incredibly useful for learning new job skills and beefing up your resume in order make yourself more marketable as a candidate for that job you have been looking for.

They have courses in all sorts of fields. Some are very practical and can be great for job seekers looking to improve their skill set. Some of these include Adobe software training, writing improvement, management, secretarial skills, and plenty more. These can be put on a resume to show training in valuable skills that can set you above the pack when applying for a position, or even help you gain more responsibility and maybe even a raise in your current one.

They also have several classes specific to a select field or career path. These are helpful for those in those fields or those looking to get into those fields. They can also be interesting for anyone just looking expand their horizons. These include ESL (English as a Second Language), teacher curriculum, dog training, medical coding and plenty more.

They even have some general self-improvement types of courses for general life skills. They have a course in food preparation. They have another for beauty lessons. They also have ones for fitness and safety.

They even have some more unconventional courses for those who want to learn something a little out of the ordinary. They have a course in paranormal studies. They have another in Reiki studies. There is even one in poetry writing. While that last one is not so unconventional, it has become somewhat of a lost art in our society today.

These courses give you access to an instructor who provides you with feedback on your progress. You can enroll in up to five courses and they give you six months to complete a course after you begin. You can access these courses at any time, day or night, in order to get them done on your schedule. If you need to improve your skill set and learn some new abilities for work, or if you just want to satisfy your curiosity on a given subject, you have nothing to lose by checking out these classes and seeing what you can learn.

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The Brooksville Raid: One of Hernando County’s Longest Running Annual Events

This video is from the 2011 Brooksville Raid Civil War reenactment. The Brooksville Raid is an annual event that is one of longest standing traditions in Hernando County. Check back here soon for an article detailing the history behind the raid itself and the origins of the event.

(Note: This video was created by YouTube user AZHockeyDude. The Bonnie Barbieri Team makes no claim of ownership to this video. We posted it here as an informative tool to showcase one of the area’s top attractions.)