Featured Listing for 2/25/15: 3381 Lambert Ave., Spring Hill, Fl.

Check out our featured listing at 3381 Lambert Ave. This two bedroom, two bathroom, over two thousand square foot home is close to plenty of shopping on State Road 50 and US Highway 19. The home is located in a quiet neighborhood, putting you near the convenience of the main roads while giving you the peace and serenity of the suburban lifestyle. For more information, click here.

(Note, this listing is active as of February 25, 2015. To check availability, call 352-263-3599)

Check Out St. Petersburg College

In continuing our recent focus on the higher education options available to Tampa Bay area students, this video introduces us to St. Petersburg College. With tuition costs lower than most state universities in Florida, ten local locations, and plenty of online classes, St. Petersburg College is an excellent choice for getting an education close to home on your own time.

Check Out the University of Tampa

Yesterday, we featured an overview of the University of South Florida. The video showed some of the advantages that come with the college life in Tampa Bay. Now we look at the University of Tampa. Another in a series of excellent schools in the Tampa Bay area, they offer plenty for anyone seeking to further their education. Living in the area not only makes the commute easier, but in-state tuition makes them more affordable as well.

Check Out the University of South Florida

Another great reason to live in the Tampa Bay area is access to world-class education. The University of South Florida is one of the fastest rising universities in the country. This introductory video from the school’s official YouTube page will give you a better idea of all USF has to offer.