Best Places to Eat in Spring Hill, Florida 2015 Edition by Fred Moutran Part 3

Beef O'Brady's chicken wings photo


There is so much variation here, even down to different sauces at the same place being vastly different that I will just list places and recommended sauce/flavor. This is in no real order. Beef O’ Brady’s has a really good Blackened Dry Rub. Another really good Dry Rub is at Karma with their Jersey Dry Rub. Rookies has a Garlic Parmesan wing that certainly worth checking out. The wing bar at Winn Dixie on Four Corners has a really good crispy breaded wing called the Magnum Breaded Wing. For just overall Buffalo Wings, I would probably go with either Rookies or Karma. If it was not already obvious, I eat a lot wings.


I would put my vote towards Texas Roadhouse if we were just talking ribs. They have very tender, fall off the bone baby backs. There really are only a couple of other options in town for barbecue in general though. Without going too far out of the way, there is Sonny’s, Bigun’s Bar-B-Q, and Dickey’s. I have yet to try Dickey’s as it is a little far from my usual dining radius and so I cannot really judge them. Sonny’s is great is you just want to stuff yourself. They have plenty of All-You-Can-Eat options that cater to most anyone’s taste in barbecue. Bigun’s is better for those who want a more traditional barbecue experience. Whereas Sonny’s just supplies several sauces in squeeze bottles to choose from, Bigun’s serves theirs with sauce as most places do. So the preference comes down to what you look for in your dining experience. Do you want choice and quantity or less options but a higher quality meal? That is the difference between Sonny’s and Bigun’s. As for Dickey’s I will have that review up when I get to check them out.

Photo by izik