Spring Hill Courier Fools Several News Sites

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A number of reputable news outlets have been getting duped in the past week or two. They have been reporting news as factual that has in fact come from a satire website that is basically Spring Hill, Florida’s version of The Onion. Sites such as The Orlando Sentinel were duped by these parody articles. The site that has been causing all of the uproar is called Spring Hill Courier. One look at the nature of the headlines and Photoshopped pictures should be a dead giveaway, but still, many have fallen victim to the ruse. The site’s “About Us” page clearly points out the site’s satirical nature, however, several sites were fooled anyway.

The “story” that garnered the most attention was one that reignited the old rumor that a Six Flags theme park was going to be opened in Spring Hill. This was the one the Orlando Sentinel was caught off guard by. The Sentinel has since retracted their story, offering a correction. The story was spread like wildfire through social media with many getting the joke, and many others being fooled.

Other articles on the site talk about preposterous scenarios such as bears taking up residence at the old, closed Sweetbay at Four Corners, a racist entrepreneur who wanted to open a “whites-only” Arby’s and plenty more. Some of the articles are quite funny to anyone in on the joke, A few, like the Arby’s one are in somewhat poor taste.

All told, if you want a good laugh, check the site out. It is pretty entertaining. Just don’t fall into the trap that some in the local press have and take the stories seriously. After all, Florida produces plenty of weird news on it’s own anyway.

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