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Traditional wisdom states that the advantages to living in a larger metropolitan area outweigh  the larger expense that comes with the city life. However, according to an article in Business Week, those advantages may not be worth the cost for many families anymore. Most of the major metropolitan areas in the U.S. are becoming unaffordable for most middle-class families. Those final words are the key distinction. Middle-class families cannot afford to live in these cities. This means that these cities come with too cumbersome a price tag for anyone but the upper classes.

This is why we recommend the benefits of suburban life. Moving out of the cities and into the suburbs has plenty of advantages that the cities do not have. For example, because housing costs are lower, you can get more home for the money. Suburban homes usually come with larger yards, giving your family more space outside. The towns have less traffic, making everyday errands much easier to handle.

There are really only two main disadvantages to suburban homes. Many people have to commute to the cities to work, which means longer drives and more gas. Smaller towns usually also mean less attractions and nightlife. Some people may be disappointed with that lack of things to do. However, some people might not mind that too much.

Overall, with the skyrocketing costs of city life, the advantages of the suburban lifestyle are plenty. Towns like right here in Spring Hill, Florida are becoming more attractive to families who are being priced out of the cities. We are close to the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area, but not too close. This means that we avoid the crowding and congestion that comes with the city, but still have easy access to those attractions in the city when necessary.

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