More News For Homebuyers

We posted earlier how home buyers are gaining bargaining power due to the increased volume of homes for sale. You can find that article here. We have more news that may benefit home buyers. According to Mortgage 101, investors are starting to slow down their trend of snatching up cheap homes with cash payments. This means that traditional home buyers will start to have more leverage and more opportunities to get the home they want.

This may not bode as well for sellers as the quick offers from cash buyers drying up leads sellers to have to take mortgages which can drive down costs and take more time. Buyers, by comparison have more leverage and will eventually force the banks to start loosening mortgage requirements to allow more people to buy as pressure mounts from buyers.

The inventory of homes available will likely start to take longer to sell as more reliance on traditional buyers becomes the norm. The factors listed are expected to bring home values within a narrower range within their markets. This is expected to slow the growth of housing prices overall. That rate, however, is still expected to be well above the traditional average. This slowing will help more buyers get into the market, however, it may slowly drive sellers out.

Everyone is trying to speculate based on the statistics and trends that present themselves, and that is something we are attempting to do here. From the source article we cite here, to our analysis, to any other site that seeks to project the market trends. Things can and do tend to change. Please keep this in mind as you read any of these types of assessments. To get a more current view on the state of the market, talk to us in person. Use the blue “Live Chat” button on the left hand side of the page.

Chicken Wings in Hernando County by Fred Moutran

In my recent article about the best places to eat in Spring Hill, Florida, I praised the chicken wings at two restaurants, Rookies and Mario’s Pizza. Check that article out to get more information about those. This entry is about some of the other fine places in town to get a good batch of wings. Here are a few places you should really check out if you are a wing aficionado like myself.


This place is one of the more popular bars in town, as I brought up in my article on places to get a drink in Hernando County. It also has a great following as a place to get lunch. One of their big sellers is their wings. Personally, I recommend the Jersey Dry Rub version. I order them frequently when I go there, and they always impress.

Pizza Villa

For those who love the flavor of Buffalo wings but do not like to have them drowning in sauce, Pizza Villa manages to get plenty of flavor out of less sauce. This makes for a crisper wing with every bit of the flavor you expect.

Village Pizza

If you like heat, these are the wings to try around here. I once ordered mild wings from here, and they were so spicy I thought I had received the wrong type. It turned out that their wings were just that hot! Unless the recipe changed, this place brings the heat.


Another entry on my list of good bars in the area, Aqua also boasts a solid food menu as well. One of the highlights of that menu is their wings. It should also be noted that they make some really good sushi too. I know that is outside the scope of this article, but it is certainly worth noting.


I have yet to be disappointed with anything on their menu. In addition to their wings, also be sure to check out the chicken parmesan. Furthermore, they tend to be a great place to watch football on a Sunday afternoon.

These are a few of the better places in town to get an order of wings. Check back here frequently in order to get more tips on places to go in Hernando County.

Good News for Hernando County Homebuyers 2/24/14

According to AOL Real Estate, home buyers are starting to gain back some of their bargaining power as the growth in home prices has slowed. This has occurred because of the increasing volume of homes entering the market. As more sellers emerge, the competition is starting to make the prices more competitive to keep those homes priced to sell. We have covered some recent trends in home values here.

This trend is based on national averages. The good news for Florida homeowners looking to sell is that we are still among the fastest growing states in the nation in regards to home prices. The Tampa metropolitan market, which Hernando County sits at the northern edge of, is still one of the fastest growing markets in the nation. Tampa, alongside Ft. Lauderdale, put Florida in an elite selection of states who have experienced double-digit growth in both home prices and sales inventory. Among the other states experiencing such growth are California and Michigan.

These increases also come within several of the states which were hit hardest when the recession impacted the market. This led to more room for growth to get back to their original levels. The thing to take away from this is that these markets are growing faster in such a way that it is allowing them to keep pace in the recovery with states which were not as badly affected by the recession. This is a good sign as we are keeping up with other states who are returning to pre-recession levels.

So this news shows strong signs for both buyers and sellers. This shows that the Tampa Bay real estate market is still coming back both in home values and inventory while some parts of the country are seeing slowdown in value growth because of the increased inventory. Hernando County is still recovering and still growing. Keep checking back here for more real estate news.

Hot New Vinyl Products…For Your Home

Most people thinking of the applications of vinyl in home improvement will immediately think of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding takes an undeserved bad rap in some circles and we cover that in another article. However, vinyl has many other home improvement applications these days beyond siding. In fact, some of the new ways the material is being used to make homes both look better and last longer may be quite surprising to you. Here are a few of those applications.

– Vinyl is a prime component in cellular PVC. This special type of PVC has many uses. One of the most widely used these days is in trimmings, such as the trim around a window. Cellular PVC can be made to look a great deal like real wood. It is relatively inexpensive and rarely, if ever, needs to be painted. This saves you a great deal of time and money in the long term. The material is also quite durable, which is a huge bonus. It can last a lifetime or more. The best woodwork is not capable of such longevity.

– The same material can also be used for your fence along with the same benefits. The ability to save on painting and the durability of the material make it a superior product to traditional wooden fences. When you can save time and money, all while getting a better product for it, why would anyone pass it up?

– While not as impressive as the fencing or trim products, vinyl windows are still quite durable and inexpensive. This can save you a good bit of money if you are working on a budget and can be safer in certain conditions as well.

These are among the most well known and practical vinyl products for your home to improve you fixtures’ durability without breaking the bank. It is worth looking into these products if you are looking to start any extensive home improvement projects. It can save you plenty of time and money over the long haul.

DIY Tips

If you are looking to make some home improvements and cannot justify the cost of hiring a professional contractor to handle the job, there is always the option to do it yourself. However, there are plenty of ways to screw up a job like that if you are not careful. Most people remember the old saying, “measure twice, cut once.” That should be the mantra of anyone looking to do their own home improvements. Here are a few tips to make sure you do the job right the first time.

– Always make sure you have any necessary permits. Not only can you be forced to stop and even be subject to fines if you do a major job without one, but your insurance company can and will refuse to cover any job that required a permit when one was not obtained. That means that if something goes wrong, you can be on the hook for repairs and even medical bills if someone gets hurt. It may be hassle, but it is a necessary evil.

– Make sure you take the proper safety precautions. Wear goggles when needed, open windows when painting to let out the fumes, etc. Little steps such as these can be the difference between a successful job and a trip to the emergency room.

– While on the topic of preparation, making sure you have the right materials and equipment for  the job and that you have properly set up your job site are essential steps in getting ready for such a project. If you are painting, for example, you want to ensure you have the right kind of paint and that you have set up the area to prevent run-off and having the paint ruin expensive molding or ceilings. Of course, doing that requires tools such as tape and tarps in order to prevent the paint from ruining surfaces it was not intended for. Knowing the job and the necessary equipment can save you a lot of money and frustration.

– Research, measure, and measure again. As stated earlier, “measure twice, cut once,” should be your mantra in any home improvement project. However, you can add to the beginning of that the need to research. If you have not done the job before, look up how to do it, learn from professionals, and then still make sure you double-check any measurements and figures before working.

– Do not waste your time with inferior materials. This is your home we are talking about. You should not skimp and buy sub-par materials for home improvement projects. It is not even a matter of pride, it is a matter of ensuring that the improvements you make will last. Cheap materials are cheap for a reason. That reason being that they tend not to last as long or be as good as their more expensive counterparts. Going cheap may be fine for burgers and pizza, but it is not a good idea for your home.

These are just a few tips to help you when you start a do-it-yourself home improvement project. As previously stated, doing some research can go a long way toward helping you succeed in your endeavor. Look around online for more help and work smart so you are not working hard to fix things later.

What Current Foreclosure Data Means for You

According to, home repossessions due to foreclosure have hit their lowest point in over six years. While this is a positive sign of recovery, it is not indicative of being out of the woods just yet. While repossessions are down, the number of homes entering the foreclosure process is starting to climb again. This means a number of things for the Tampa Bay real estate market. Here is some of the implications, both positive and negative, of this trend.

– Home prices may continue to fluctuate. If there is another large block of homes entering the market off foreclosure, it could have a negative impact on home prices. The banks have gotten better about staggering the release of these homes onto the local market. Thus, they may be able to mitigate some of the damage to area home values if they continue to be careful.

– The foreclosure statistics may reflect these changes for a few years. Florida is one of a group of states where the courts are heavily involved in the foreclosure process. Because of this, the proceedings, from initial notice to final repossession, can take upwards of two or even three years in some cases where homeowners fight the banks.

This means that the homes entering foreclosure now will continue to be reflected in the statistics for a considerable amount of time to come. This does not reflect well on recovery efforts, but it is not necessarily as damaging to the local market as one may think. Many other factors are continuing to improve despite these rises, which is going a long way towards softening  the blow.

– The Tampa Bay area will continue to be one of slower regions to recover. When these bouts of foreclosures start, the Tampa Bay area, particularly the northern counties such as Hernando, Pasco and even Citrus, tend to be among the hardest hit. This can lead to this part of the state lagging behind in home value. However, as previously stated, the banks are getting much better at managing these situations and preventing these problems from getting out of hand.

– There will be great opportunities for investment. Where foreclosures go back on the market, there are opportunities for investors to make considerable returns by snatching up homes the banks are eager to unload. When the Tampa Bay real estate market starts seeing the next wave of repossessed homes going back on the market, there will be room for a smart investor to make a bundle.

These are just a few of the implication of the recent foreclosure data. There will likely be many more trends to keep an eye on. If you want to benefit from investing in these repossessed properties in the northern Tampa Bay area real estate market, you will need a Realtor who knows the markets in Hernando County, Pasco County and Citrus County. We can handle all of that for you, and find you some of the best properties on the market. Use the blue Live Chat button on the left of the screen or email in order to contact us today.

Fit to Sell – Staging

This video details some of the key aspects of the staging process including packing away clutter and cleaning for showcasing. This video in Re/Max’s Fit to Sell series includes several useful tips and even handy checklist for you to keep in mind when preparing to sell. Of course, if going through the hassle of staging is not for you, a Re/Max agent can arrange to have everything taken care of for you. Contact Bonnie Barbieri in order to arrange the staging process and list your home to sell today. Click the blue “Live Chat” button for direct access.

Go Green, Save Money, and Spruce Up Your Home

At there is a great pictorial series about various ways to repurpose and recycle commercial shipping pallets. They show them being used for all sorts of things, from couch and bed frames, to planters, bike racks, and even an entire building made of commercial shipping pallets. Many of these are really clever and actually look pretty natural even in the most modern looking homes. This pictorial series should serve as some great inspiration for people to find ways to go green and really spruce up their homes at the same time.

There are many things that we normally discard in our everyday lives that could easily be repurposed and reused in such a manner. There are articles all over the Internet that tell you various ways to do this. There are nearly endless options to what you can do with some of these things, and while it is cliche, you really are only limited by your imagination.

Doing this such as this will not only give your home some interesting, conversation starting fixtures, but also helps keep many items from winding up in landfills, thus doing a good thing for the environment. There are of course many other things that can be done to go green as well. Many of them also give you an added bonus as they will end up saving you money as well. Something like the pallet bed frame can save you a couple hundred dollars compared to a traditional metal frame. Coming up with several solutions like that across your home can save you a great deal of money.

So, when you can get a great looking piece of furniture, help the environment and save money in the process, why would you not do it? Share your repurposing tips with on our Facebook page. Join the conversation and share you knowledge.

Tour Our Featured Listings 2/10/14

This gorgeous 2/2/2 in a gated 55+ community is located near plenty of shops and is in a community full of wonderful activities. Allowing a dog or two cats, there is room for you and your furry friends to enjoy themselves. This home features a large kitchen and living room too, so there’s even room to entertain. You have to see this one for yourself.

This 2/1 has a spacious yard and nicely flowing floor plan. With a bright, airy kitchen and a Florida room to lounge in during those beautiful summer days, this home gives you the best of the Florida lifestyle. Check it out further here.

This 3/2/2 Is like brand new! This place is beautiful. Plenty of love has gone into rejuvenating this home. It is waiting to create some lasting memories with you. You really must see it person. Find out more here, and then call us to arrange a showing.

This 2/2/2 sits on a nice. quiet street. Spacious and superbly well maintained, this house is bound to be sought after. Be ahead of the crowd and give us call to schedule a showing. You can see more here, and you really should. See all this home has to offer.

St. Petersburg Beach Is Where It’s At

This video, from, shows all of the fun and excitement to be found at St. Petersburg Beach. As you can see in this video, there is always fun in the sun for you and your family at the beach. St. Petersburg has become one of the go to destinations for vacationers from across the country. This is part of the reason why. The beaches are some of the biggest attractions in the state, and there is good reason.

We highlighted another great getaway attraction in St. Petersburg recently, First Friday. You can see that article here. St. Petersburg has come into its own as one of the hottest destinations in the state. Beaches, events, attractions, sports, there is always something to do in this city. If you ever want to find someplace to go, whether for a week’s vacation or a night on the town, St. Petersburg is the place to be.

Florida’s beaches are among the best in the country, and St. Petersburg Beach has gained a reputation for being one of the the best of the best. With plenty to do, being minutes from some of the state’s biggest event hubs, the beach is the place to enjoy Florida living at its finest. When you want to get away, this is the place to go.