Protect Yourself Against Sinkholes by Fred Moutran

My name is Fred Moutran. I work for Bonnie as her marketing consultant. You may have seen the recent Tampa Bay Times article about the struggle my family is having fighting a sinkhole claim. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep on top of these things. Especially in Hernando County, where sinkholes are always a threat.

We have an article that tells you what to look for when checking for possible sinkhole activity. Follow the advice and keep watch for warning signs. Some are blatantly obvious, such as stair-step cracks on exterior walls. Others are much more subtle, such as the backsplash behind the sink separating from the rest of the counter. These are important things to look for, whether keeping tabs on your own house or looking at places to buy.

Speaking of buying a home, knowing all you can about the place you are looking to buy is absolutely essential. Check the Hernando County Property Appraiser’s website. Search by address. Any information about sinkholes, tax liens and other potential pitfalls that could hinder your purchase can be investigated here. Make sure to check this site before making a purchase.

If you suspect you have sinkhole activity at your home, make sure your insurance policy has sinkhole coverage and is up to date. If you are properly covered, you may want to consider hiring a public adjuster to help you through the claims process. They know the ins and outs of the whole claims process. They will do the work for you, making sure that things are handled properly along the way. This is an invaluable resource, as I can attest, because the process of dealing with an insurance company dead-set on shortchanging you to protect their bottom line can be an infuriating experience.

Whether you are currently going through the hardship of navigating a claim, or are just looking to protect yourself in the future, learning everything you can and being diligent about the danger of sinkholes is of the utmost importance. While it may be difficult, doing the necessary research can save you time, money, and possibly your home and even your life.